Div Party
A Creative Australian Company

Div Party is an Australian company that produces it's own custom made online software to meet the needs of small to medium businesses in Australia and all over the world. We are the creative team behind products such as Email Signature Rescue, Runnr, ReviewIQ and Raining.fm.


We started as a creative agency

Div Party had humble beginnings as a creative agency, based in Lonsdale, South Australia. The company was the culmination of a innovative and forward-thinking husband and wife team, Neil and Amy Lockwood.

Neil's skills as a web designer and background in Product Design complimented Amy's online marketing and business administration skills. Within a few years we were booked out for months in advance.

The Div Party Team worked on website design, online marketing and e-commerce sites. Some notable sites include SheShopped by Lucy Cornes and the Glenelg Football Club's website.


We evolved into app developers

We launched our first online web app, Email Signature Rescue in January 2013, when we found a need for it in our own industry. We now have over 80,000 users from all over the world, as we continue to meet a growing demand for super simple and easy HTML email signature creation and management software, for small to medium businesses and fellow Designers.

Our other products include:

  • Raining.fm: a mobile app that plays rain and thunder sounds for relaxation and focus
  • Runnr: a parcel tracking mobile and online web app that helps Retailers send and receive parcels between different stores
  • Review IQ: our latest online web app launching in 2018, that helps businesses improve their online review ratings and helps get customer feedback before they escalate into bad reviews.

Email Signature Rescue

Create your own HTML email signatures online and install them in any email client that supports HTML.

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Creative Team

Meet the Team behind Div Party.


Neil Lockwood

Creative Director


Amy Lockwood

Marketing Director


Shane Stevens

Lead Digital Producer

quote The (Email Signature Rescue) service your website provides is exactly what we were looking for and has been easy to use all around!"

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