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Re-designed Myspace to come back from the dead?

Just 12 hours ago, Justin Timberlake tweeted

Since then, the social media and various blogs have been in a craze about whether or not this re-designed Myspace can bring the once social networking king back from the dead.

The video starts out with creating a profile which can be done in a few easy steps by filling out some basic information about yourself, then giving you the option to connect to your other social networking sites such as facebook and twitter. With a simple click on the facebook logo it lets you import all or some of your photos and albums to your new myspace page aswell as bringing your facebook friends with you.

By the look of it that's all there is to getting your myspace page started at this stage, however the new site is still in development.

From first thoughts looking at the display profile of 'David Croft', the profile page has a tumblr meets pinterest type of feel to it with a horizontal news feed layout which transitions smoothly and functions very well.

There are a few cool features which i noticed when lookely closely at the video, the first is slick media player at the bottom of the page which expands out into a playlist of any music you wish to add from artists you have viewed on the site.
The second is that you can still have your current favourite song as your 'profile song' which will play when someone views your profile. They have also kept the 'Top 8 Friends' list which you could have before Myspace saw it's demise.

What I love about the look of the new myspace is that it's stuck to it's roots with the music orientated focus it always had. You can still have that one favourite song as your 'profile song' which plays when people visit your profile and you can still have your 'top 8 friends'. 

There seems to be alot of functionality for music artists when it comes to promoting themselves and connecting with their audience. For example, dj's can add a set list which they might have played at a house party, or a club or a festival. Photos can then be connected with the set list, and boom! You have an album of an awesome summer festival with amazing photos, videos, and the music you were listening to. Oh and don't forget all the memories that come with it!

On the right hand side of the media player, is a search icon, allowing you to search for friends, songs, artists, albums, mixes or videos containing your search phrase. Next to the search icon, is a little 'discover' button. This button opens up a world of musical goodness allowing you to see which songs, artists, albums are trending at the current time, discover hidden talent from upcoming artists which you can hear first before anyone discovers them, and filter by genre, region and artist.

As an artist, you're able to break down your fanbase to help target a certain demographic or even individual people. Myspace will break down your statistics to give you a map of the world, showing you a male to female ratio of listeners, an age breakdown, where your listeners are from and even show who your most influential fans are!

On top of that, the map will show you who is listening to your music at this very second, where in the world they are, and even what song it is that they're playing. Crazy stuff right?

Now although this video which was released is mainly orientated on you being an artist, there are bits and pieces we can take from it that i'm sure us non-artists can look forward to. - Me personally, I can't wait to receive my invitation and start using this pretty new social networking.

What do you think of the new Myspace? Does it look like it will live up to the hype and steal the spotlight from facebook, or is the resurrection of the social networking site just not meant to be?

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