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Grays gets $165,000 Fine for not obeying Spam Laws

If you don't include a way for your customers to opt-out of receiving promotional emails from you, you could be up for a hefty fine. GraysOnline learnt this the hard way, recently receiving a fine of $165,000.

What did GraysOnline do wrong?

Under Australian anti-spam laws, it is illegal to send promotional emails (emails marketing or promoting something) to people without including a way for those people to opt-out. Grays may have been abiding the law by the way that they obtained their email list, but the law was broken when sending the email.

Grays was introducing GraysEscape to their email list. Unfortunately, this did not include any information on how to opt-out to the people receiving the email and it also was sent to people who had previously opted-out. This is illegal and now they are up for a $165,000 fine to the ACMA for doing so.

How should I send marketing emails to my own (legally obtained) email list?

Div Party manage email campaign software for our clients. The software is really easy to use, it works like a Content Management System, you can add news stories and images, anything you like to your email marketing messages. It also ensures that you abide by the law and includes an opt-out message on every email you send. If integrated into your website, you can capture email addresses from your website (which is legal) it also monitors unsubscribes and makes sure that those people do not receive emails anymore.

Find out more about our Email Software and don't risk sending your promotional emails without the right information included.

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