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Cute safety video becomes viral sensation

Only a week after being quietly uploaded onto YouTube, a beautifully animated advertisement has become one of the most shared videos of the week globally, topping the charts on the user generated community Reddit.


Over the weekend the video has clocked up 4.7m views, meaning it has been seen by more people than live in Melbourne.

Featuring a variety of cute characters killing themselves in increasingly idiotic ways the video is designed to demonstrate the danger and stupidity of messing around on platforms, tracks and level crossings.

"The campaign evolved out of discussion with platform staff and drivers who witness people risking their safety around train stations and at level crossings," said Leah Waymark, General Manager Corporate Relations, Metro Trains.

"The 'dumb' theme had its gestation in those initial responses. It was just an overwhelming theme of their feedback."

"We're not surprised that this campaign has been well received but you can never predict the speed and take-up which, in this case, has been amazing. In the limited testing we did among our families, everyone really liked it so we felt sure it would work."


Performed by Melbourne artist Tangerine Kitty, the song was produced by Cat Empire keyboards player Ollie McGill.

Dumb Ways to Die's catchy chorus is the most arresting hook since PSY's Gangnam Style.

Along with the song and clip on iTunes and YouTube, Metro Trains are developing posters and announcements at stations and educational material for school students.

"We think if we can change the perception of safety for the younger generation, we can possibly change safety perceptions for the generation after that," said Ms Waymark


"This campaign is designed to draw young people to the safety message rather than frighten them away."

"We set out to find an innovative way to reach young people who see themselves as indestructible. We felt images of body bags were more likely to have an impact on their parents, so we wanted to engage with young people in a way we think they might appeal to them a bit more."

"Some people might have an issue with us making light of what is a serious topic, but if we can save one life or avoid serious injury, then that’s how we’ll measure the success of this campaign."


Victoria Metro has also put together a creative and interactive website for the ad campaign featuring some of the 'unfortunate cast' in the video, which can be clicked and brought to the cute yet gruesome death like in the video.

The website can be seen here: http://dumbwaystodie.com/

"Set fire to your hair, poke a stick at a grizzly bear... Dumb ways to die ... dumb ways to die.''

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